Unaided AAC methods do not use outside tools or aids for communication. When someone is using unaided AAC they are using various parts of their body to communicate and nothing else. In addition, because “unaided AAC does not require any supplemental materials, it is often assumed to be a more convenient and portable mode of communication” (Sigafoos, Schlosser & Sutherland, 2010, Types of AAC section, para. 5).

ivan hands

Examples of unaided AAC methods include:

  • sign language
  • gestures (e.g. pointing)
  • facial expressions
  • body movements
  • head movements
  • eye movements & eye gaze
  • vocalizations (i.e. non-speech sounds)

*The type of AAC system used by an individual can include one specific method that is used all of the time or can incorporate a multimodal system in which many types of AAC (both aided and unaided) may be used depending on the person’s needs or situation.

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